Solar Power

Solar Power

With global warming getting worse and the monthly electrical bills continuously rising, more and more homeowners are choosing to go green. They are now considering environmentally friendly home designs and features. One of the most popular features of ‘green homes’ is the use of solar power system.

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How solar power system works

  1. Solar panels, which are usually placed on the roof of the house, are composed of photovoltaic or PV cells. During the day, these cells transform sunlight into direct current or DC electricity.
  2. A device called an inverter will then convert the DC from the solar panels into AC, or alternating current electricity.
  3. From the inverter, the AC goes to the electrical panel or breaker box in your home, which would supply the power to your appliances and to your lights.
  4. A device called the utility metre would measure the amount of energy you use and would feed it back to the utility grid. If the system generates more power than what you are actually using, the exceeding solar energy would offset the energy you use during the night.
Solar Power » Newcastle Trades

Why should you use solar power for your home?

Using solar power in your home would give you surprising benefits. Below are some of them.

It is environmentally friendly

When we use conventional energy, fossil fuel is combusted, emitting hazardous gases and chemicals. Solar energy does not produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. This is because it comes from a renewable natural resource which is the sun.

It will save you money

Buying and installing solar power system in your home may seem costly at first glance. But if you look at it in the long run, you would realise that you would be saving more money every month because of your significantly lower energy bills. Solar power is definitely an investment that is worth your money.

Solar power systems are durable

When you hire reliable and qualified solar power service outfits, you can be assured that the solar panels installed at your home are high quality and durable enough to withstand different weather conditions.

They keep your home cool

Solar panels could keep the temperature inside your home cooler, and it’s not just because it could power your air conditioner. Solar panels up on your roof absorb the sun’s rays, preventing the heat from penetrating into your home’s interior through the roof. As a result, less energy would be required to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home.

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