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Typically, when homeowners hear about screen doors, security would probably be the last thing they would think of. While the only purpose of screen doors before is to let fresh air form the outside into the house while keeping bugs and other debris out, some screen doors now come with added security. Known as security screen doors, they still give you the air flow and visibility that you want and make your home more secured at the same time.

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Installing a screen door may be the last thing on your mind when building or renovating your home. However, security screen doors offer different benefits and advantages for you and your home.

  • Provide added security. From the name itself, security screen doors fortify your front or back door. When picking the screen door for your home, make sure to look for one that has an aluminum or stainless steel screen, a stronger frame made from wrought iron or steel, heavy duty deadbolt, and non-removable pin hinges.

  • Increase your home’s aesthetics. Security screen doors come in different styles and colours that could match your taste and the theme of your home. You could even find a screen door service company that customises security screen doors to the design that you want. These screen doors will surely improve your home’s curb appeal and add value to your home.

  • Help you save money. During warmer months, energy bills spike up due to frequent use of air conditioner to keep a comfortable temperature in your home. When you have a security screen door installed, you can just open your door and let the breeze flow inside, keeping your home cool without having to use your AC. On the other hand, replacing the screens with glass panels during cold months could reduce heat loss, allowing you to save a few bucks on heating costs. In addition to the ventilation benefits, screen doors also allow natural light into your home.

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